Request an Incident or Accident Report

Request an Incident or Accident Report

We have a new process provided to us by LexisNexis. You may now request your report online by following the link below:

OR! You may use your mobile phone.

Request a Report Update - Mobile Quick Connect Text Service is Available!

How it works: 
Call in to Morrison Police Department Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm and a staff member will simply transfer your call to a dedicated phone number that LexisNexis had provided. You will be prompted to input your 10-digit mobile number. 
In a matter of seconds, you will receive a text message containing the URL to file an online records request via Request a Report System. 

Note: There may be a situation that the report must be picked up in person. A staff member will respond electronically advising if that is the case and arrange a time for pick up.